Hydrogen, electrification and circularity – a plasma chemistry perspective

A presentation by Prof. Dr. Ir. Gerard van Rooij, Head Circular Engineering Department, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Maastricht University Sustainable energy generation by means of wind or from solar radiation through photovoltaics or concentrated solar power will continue to increase its share of the energy mix. Intermittency due to e.g. day/night cycle, regional variation …

Brightsite ‘s approach to the feedstock transition

For integrated chemical Site’s as Chemelot, the feedstock transition towards CO2 neutral operations is the dominating topic in view of the Energy transition. Hydrogen is at Chemelot foremost a feedstock. Brightsite is offering an open innovation platform for a fact and science based transition path.

Clean Hydrogen from Methane Pyrolysis

A presentation by Pete Johnson, Private Equity Fund Leader at Azimuth Capital Management.Methane pyrolysis for hydrogen, ie “Turqoise Hydrogen,” is a growing field where more and more commercial companies are being launched. The energy required to release hydrogen from methane or natural gas is approximately 7X less than the energy required to release hydrogen from …


The program of the Clean Hydrogen Conference offers (inter)national speakers to present their view and experience on this fast developing market. As the production of Hydrogen is energy intensive, a direct connection to renewable energy sources is required. A lot of research and development is done to create Clean Hydrogen, which can be done in …

Batteries and Hydrogen are Two Sides of the Same Coin

According an article titled ‘The Clean Mobility Future will be Electric – with Batteries and Hydrogen’ written by By Amy Adams, VP Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies at Cummins, and Valerie Bouillon-Delporte, Hydrogen Ecosystem Director at Michelin, members of the Hydrogen Council.